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Feb 5 2010, 08:25 AM
Well, glad to see that SAFE are pretty established as the rooting couple! I also think that Sami didnt have to manipulate this one for him to stick...finally. (Brandon was another guy she didnt have to give the "Sami special treatment.")

And EJole are still married, so there's a lot of story to play out there....in soaps, never say never, and I believe we are going to get Brady/Nicole/EJ....oh yeah, and Ms. Snitch Arianna.

I think SAFE will be in Rafe's SL after someone from his past comes back and they'll be dealing with that.

I have to say though.....EJole's V-day pics....way HOTTER!!!!! LOL

Thanks for typing this up!
If EJ still cared about Nicole, he would've gone to the jail and been all torn instead of Brady.

Tomlin already said he was setting things up for Bricole. So I'm not afraid of Nicole trying to get back in EJ's good graces, what's annoying me is Brickette orbiting around EJ. She doesn't work for Brady or EJ!

I don't understand something though, there's suppose to be a "gulf" between Sami and Rafe during Valentine's week.

Still don't think 'Safe' is work through their crap. They're only getting back together, not erasing all their problems.

Rafe also said (just liek Austin) He's gonna try to change Sami. That'sa ll I need to hear to know Safe will be over in the next few months. I can wait. :drunk:
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