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You said it on this one Morganarose. I have been with Bo and Hope from the beginning and have gone through all of their troubles and will always root for them. This clip was beautiful. It reminded me of why I am and always will be a Bo and Hope fan. I still watch clips of Bo and Hope on the web and I really enjoy them.

Bo and Hope do have alot of history together and they have overcome more obstacles than most couples and they have survived. So when the writers separate them or bring someone in as an interloper it is to be expected that the Bo/Hope fans are going to be upset. Especially, when they keep them apart for 6 months or longer. Let them overcome their problem and get back together.

JMO. I have yet to figure out why the writers can't keep Bo and Hope together as a couple, write interesting and exciting sl for them. and keep them out front or at least when they have troubles, keep them together and let them work it out as a couple. Either way they have to write a sl, so why can't they write one for them keeping them together and out front without separating them?
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