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Feb 9 2010, 07:29 AM
All the talk about Maggie being the matriarch- its not like the show has written Alice out at this point. There were also storylines with Alice were she was hardly perfect and her and Tom clashed a lot about stuff she did in the 80's. I see no reason whatsoever that Maggie can't be imperfect in this different way and, eventually, fall off the wagon. I think between Mickey's death, coming out of remission, possibly topped off with Alice's passing, she could very well turn to drinking again. And that's the way I want to see it happen. Will it? Doubtful, but I hardly think the reason will be because she needs to be a perfect matriarch, which even Alice wasn't until the 90s.
They haven't written Alice out but they've spent a year setting up Maggie to be the matriarch and any new viewers who have tuned in would think of her in that role. Maggie doesn't have to be perfect but nothing Alice did took her out of the mode of the matriarch. She was involved in capers and legal issues at times as a result. She was involved in the action and she whatever it took to help her friends and family. That isn't really the same thing as falling off the wagon and being drunk and withdrawn. That would take Maggie out of that role. She wouldn't be in a position to be there for loved ones.

I'm not saying don't do it. They just need to be a bit more careful. I just want them to hold off until after they pay tribute to Alice. I don't want Maggie being a drunk taking focus away from Alice. That wouldn't be right IMO.

As you said, coming on the heels of Mickey and her illness returning, Alice's death could really push Maggie toward the bottle. I wouldn't mind seeing it after the show pays tribute to Alice. They would have to be careful IMO but I, personally, wouldn't have a problem with it.
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