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SOD:Carly Shoots Melanie!

During Melanie and Phillip's wedding reception, Vivian tries once again to kill Melanie. Vivian tells Melanie that she needs to talk to her about her mother. They go to the roof. And then Carly shows up with a gun.

Carly is there to stop Vivian from killing Melanie. She sees Vivian about to hit Melanie with an iron rod. Melanie jumps in front of the gun and takes the bullet. Carly is devastated.

At the hospital, Bo hears what happened and assumes that Vivian is the one to blame. Victor says it was Carly and Carly goes off. She tells them it was never her intention to shoot Melanie, it was to kill Vivian. She admits it in front of everyone and Bo is forced to arrest her.

While Carly is waiting in the interrogation room, she gets a "visit" from Lawrence. He tells her it was a nice shot. At that point, Carly doesn't want to live if Melanie doesn't live.

Bo posts Carly's bond and she goes to the hospital, the one place she is not supposed to go. Carly believes that despite everything that has happened, she can help Melanie get through this. She begs Melanie to wake up and Melanie hears her voice and does. But, Melanie isn' too happy to see the woman that shot her in her room.

SOW:Carly Shoots Melanie!

Carly races to save Melanie from Vivian and ends up shooting her own daughter.

“It’s the most horrible thing Carly has ever witnessed - and she did it, “ cringes Crystal.

Carly follows Vivian back to the Kiriakis mansion, where Vivian has coaxed Melanie to the rooftop patio. Vivian tells her she has information about her mother. Carly races upstairs and Vivian is trying to lure Melanie to the edge to push her over. Carly runs out in time to see Vivian with a steel rod raised above Melanie’s head. Then all hell breaks loose.

Carly aims her gun at Vivian and shoots, but Melanie jumps in front of Vivian and it’s too late. Carly tries to save Melanie. Crystal says, “She’s trying to be a doctor and a mother at the same time. I’ts all unbelievably surreal.”

Carly is taken into police custody, but has to go the the hospital because she injured her arm in the warehouse. “When they arrive, Carly wants to see Melanie, “ says Crystal, noting that Carly gets chewed out by Philip for what she has done. Bo is there and assumes it was Vivian who shot Melanie.

Bo calms Carly down and tells Vivian that she won’t get away with it, but Victor lets him know that it was Carly who shot Melanie. “Carly’s losing her mind at this point, “ says CC. “She says she didn’t want to hurt Melanie, and, of course Bo knows that.”

Carly says she was trying to kill Vivian in front of the mayor, the police commissioner, etc. and Bo is forced to arrest her.

The next morning, Bo posts bail and frees Carly. He lets her know that Melanie survived the surgery, but hasn’t woken up. Bo tells Carly that she can’t go near Melanie because of the terms of her release. However, Carly won’t be deterred and goes to the hospital and sneaks into Melanie’s room. She tells Melanie about how she loved her when she was a baby growing inside of her and how about how beautiful she was when she was born. She tells her how much she loves her. “It’s a mother pleading with a child to come back to her,” says CC.

Carly starts to leave, but hears a sound. It is Melanie stirring and she opens her eyes. Crystal says, “It’s a really beautiful moment.” Carly is hoping that she will finally have her daughter in her life now. “But all she truly cares about is Melanie waking up from this coma and being okay,” says Crystal.
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