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Feb 12 2010, 10:56 PM
I guess I got a different vibe from Stephanie after I watched the show - there was definitely a moment with Philip when she walked past him, but it felt like an acknowledgment by the show that they had a history and had been engaged.

The rest of the time, Stephanie was looking at Melanie. It wasn't about Philip or unresolved feelings for him. In fact, I saw Stephanie give a little smile/smirk when no one objected to the wedding. If she was doubting at all whether or not she wanted Philip back, she would have told Melanie or Nathan the truth. Her being upset and looking at Melanie had to do with her heavy guilt over what she's done. She was really upset when she left Melanie's room - upset that Melanie and Nathan do have feelings for each other and if not for her actions they'd be together, and you can tell she feels guilty. But she's rationalizing it in her head, I'm sure.

I think the focus on her during the wedding had nothing to do with Philip and everything to do with Nathan. Seemed to me like they're setting up that triangle (quad?).

I know the actors hate it, but I do like when they have an event and you have so many characters in one place.
As far as Stephanie goes, I think it was all of that. When Melanie (I think) made the comment about Philip choosing her out of all the women in the world to be with, the camera panned to Stephanie. There was quick moment of maybe hurt or annoyance, followed by her quickly pasting that smile back on.
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