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Daniel/Chloe = GAG. Everytime they're on-screen together, I have to fight the urge to puke. Fortunately, I think we might actually be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where this gruesome twosome is concerned.

E.J./Sami/Rafe....get on with it, please. I'm just counting down the days until Nicole gets back, because now that the only worthwhile thing about this storyline is off-screen, it's totally worthless to me. Same damn thing, day in and day out.

Hell must have frozen over, because Stephanie actually got marginally more interesting when she kept Melanie's letter from Nathan and then lied about it.

I'm already liking the new Will much more than his predecessors. Finally, someone who can actually act!

The wedding was blah, but I enjoyed seeing so many characters together at once.

Crystal Chappell was great in her confrontation scenes with Vivian on Thursday/Friday. I liked how Hope basically figured out Vivian's entire plot. Guess she's currently in possession of the Salem brain. Gus pushing the crates onto Hope and Carly was so cheesy. I'm glad Carly did as much as she could to help Hope before she left to save Melanie (though I'm sure her detractors will still say she didn't do enough).

I'm actually really looking forward to next week.
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