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Feb 13 2010, 06:09 PM
Feb 12 2010, 02:13 PM
....Sami to be bouncing around so bubbly. Has she forgotten that her daughter has been kidnapped by some lunatic who has probably killed her at this point? I don't care how happy she is that she and Rafe are back together, and I don't care how much faith she has that Rafe will bring Sydney home. No mother of a missing child should be acting this damn perky.
Sami knew Sydney as her daughter for a grand total of 12 hours, so it's hardly shocking that she would easily re-focus her energies and spirits on landing a man. After all, Rafael is the first man she has ever bagged without scheming and manipulation and trickery. It's her dream come true. For some crazy reason, he actually wants her.

Of course, he really doesn't want her. They have virtually nothing in common other than the babies (Grace and Sydney). He is just in "rescue" mode.
Watch out, them's fightin' words..... ;)
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