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Feb 13 2010, 07:46 PM
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Okay, I was on a show break during the Phelle wedding so that was the first time I had seen it. Where was Marlena? Where was Victor? Why was John hurt? Why did Sami have MegaBitchFace on throughout? And *sniff* Alice--and Celeste, too (miss her). Who was the man sitting with Jennifer? And now that I think of it, I saw Hope but I don't remember seeing Bo. What was going on?
Marlena and Victor were along with Roman, Caroline, Jack and Cassie held captive by Andre DiMera in a castle in Europe. John was injured during a fight with Andre a couple of months earlier. The man sitting with Jennifer was Patrick Lockhart, Mimi's brother.
So they still hadn't made it home yet after being "killed" and living in Melaswen? I tuned out during this time, so I don't remember. :laugh:
Nope, when they escaped Melaswen they were caught in a tsunami. Most of them were resuced by the coast guard but Marlena, Roman, Caroline, Victor, Jack and Cassie were picked up by a japanese fishing boat that turned out to be working for the DiMeras. So they were taken to the castle in Europe. Several months later, they escaped and the castle burned to the ground. But Victor and Caroline were recaptured and taken to yet another island where they spent some months until they were rescued by Bo, Hope, Billie and Patrick. And between the castle in Europe and the tropical island, Andre found some time to go to Iraq where he held Philip, Shawn, Rex, Lucas and Brady captive. 2004-2005 was such a mess, LOL.
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