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Last week, EJ had set it up to look like Sydney had died. This week he tells Brady to deliver the news to Nicole.

“Nicole and Sami are a different side of the same story,” points out James Scott. “I don’t want to say that EJ was innocent in this, but he was the victim. He got Nicole pregnant, he wanted to do the right thing and in doing so, not only did he had a family he came to love, but he also really came to love Nicole after feeling he couldn’t really love anybody. He was the victim of a huge deception and was the original victim in all of this, and I think it’s very easy to forget about that.”

Rafe doesn’t believe that Sydney is dead. He goes to Sami to talk to her and at the townhouse he finds EJ. EJ explains that he wanted to grieve with Sami over the loss of Sydney. Rafe vows to bring the abductors to justice, but Sami is confused by Rafe’s inability to mourn and asks him to leave. On the whole divide between Sami and Rafe, James says about EJ, “ I don’t think he’s twiddling his whiskers saying ha, ha. He begins to get confused by the whole situation.”

Ali Sweeney thinks that EJ is doing a good job of selling that. He hasn’t let it show. “There is nothing he gives away that would make Sami suspicious. All those feelings and reactions are sincere.”

Sami then goes to Rafe’s office and catches him in an unguarded moment about Sydney. Ali says that “Galen does an amazing job.” Sami then realizes that he is feeling it too, even though he doesn’t always show it. They go back to Sami’s place and make love. EJ lets himself in and is furious to find them together. He realizes that what he has done isn’t working, instead it has pulled two people closer together.

Sami catches him and EJ covers by saying he is there to get Johnny’s things. But, Rafe thinks there is more to it. He is suspicious and thinks that EJ is doing it to be closer to Sami. She isn’t aware of that kind of motive. Ali says, “I don’t think she puts enough value on herself or her appeal that he would do anything to get close to her. I don’t think she sees herself as some big catch; she’s always been the one to pursue a guy to get him to love her, so I think it’s unfathomable to her that he would do this to get close to her.”

EJ is still angry when he goes to see Anna and Sydney. Anna tells EJ that Sami loves a hero and EJ gets an idea. He produces a new ransom note that says Sydney is alive and he takes it to Sami. They are in the same situation as before. Last time Sami told told Rafe about the ransom note and things went bad, so she decides that she won’t tell Rafe. This makes EJ potentially the hero, it also undermines Rafe’s earlier shortcomings.
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