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Feb 18 2010, 05:24 PM
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I think they are growing closer from two different sides. Sami is seeing EJ as a friend, like Nicole. EJ is wanting it the other way. I mean the SOD article says it Sami is oblivious to EJ's desires.
Ummmm, at this point in the s/l EJ is oblivious to EJ's desires. He still thinks he hates Sami. We have yet to see the epihany where he realises he still has "feelings" for Sami.

Agree with the other 12847556252 posters who have poured scorn on the "growing closer" spoiler. They've cried wolf too many times lately on this one.
I don't think EJ loves Sami whether known or not. I think the grass is greener in Rafe's yard. He wants what Rafe's got, Sami and her desire to have a family with him. I mean even the return of Sydney is not for the love of her it's to make himself seem like the hero.
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