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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: A closer look: Daniel
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Feb 19 2010, 10:11 AM
I always thought Lawrence made Carly quit working after she got pregnant.I also find it hard to believe that Lawrence didn't put out a hit on Daniel either.He wouldn't have cared if he was Victors godson considering how obessed Lawrence always was with Carly.
See, I'm very confused about the timelines. I thought Carly originally said something to the effect of Lawrence keeping her trapped in Alamainia early on--like, he started having whatever mental illness he was having as soon as a month after their marriage. I also thought, though I could be wrong, that Lawrence basically kept her captive after he found out about her pregnancy. We know he knew the child wasn't his before Carly gave birth, so I find it confusing and difficult to believe that a man so fucking controlling, abusive and vicious that he would threaten to drop an infant and kill her because she was his wife's child with another man, would have no problem with Carly leaving to go to medical conferences--you know, like the one where she met her lover.

Like I said, I haven't been paying close attention but the details still don't make sense to me. Even if we're supposed to believe Daniel and Carly did see each other relatively regularly after she was pregnant with his baby, I don't get how, when or why Lawrence would have allowed Carly to leave.
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