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WEEK OF MARCH 7 - MARCH 11, 1977

Phil bristled at Chuck's idea that Donna be hired as little Phil's nursemaid. But the kid decided to live with Tara after fearing she'd die like Beth. Joe's autopsy confirmed that Beth died of natural causes, but Anne blamed Paul. Phoebe got strung out on booze.

Iris was thrown for a loop when she learned that Corinne's mystery cousin is Dave. Sharlene canceled her sessions with Gavin because of his friendship with Liz, but agreed to try again with Russ. Olive convinced John that they should get joint divorces in Haiti, where they can marry each other. Mac assured Gwen he believed she didn't steal Evan's sketch. Ada resolved to accept Gil's death.

David and Ellen learned of Dee's plan to get Annie and Beau together by pretending she's found a new boyfriend. John pretended to be properly shocked at Andy's kidnapping. Kevin comforted Susan after Jim asked for her resignation. Kim prayed for her baby's safety, but didn't blame Carol. Bob admitted to Valerie he's willing to take another chance with her.

Brooke spilled the beans to Bob about Mike and Linda. Mike blew up at Mickey for using Linda to convince Mike to admit he's covering for Trish. Helen refused to attend Julie's bridal shower for Val. Neil could only think of Amanda when Phyllis was in a love mood. Don asked Julie to return to work in his office.

Jason learned that a photographer had been tipped off by Paul that something was going to happen at the hospital -- and that's when Joanie died. Luke told Eleanor that he'd never think of her as an older woman and that Barney suffered a mild heart attack after Luke told him the truth about Joanie's death. Maggie and Kyle grew closer on a business trip to New York. Steve's divorce became final.

Adam and Luke caught Darcy before he could kill Nicole. Darcy had tried to smother Abby, who later confessed she's been one of Darcy's contacts. Adam decided to defend her after she pleaded that she had no intention of harming Nicole. On the eve of Saxon's trial, Draper suspected hanky-panky between Raven and Ansel. Kevin told Geraldine to stop trying to match him with Raven.

Mary Ellen caught Mark and Terri in an embrace, then bribed her chauffear to tamper with the brakes on Terri's car. Everyone thought Heather took an overdose of sleeping pills but she had faked it with vitamins to get sympathy from Jeff. She also plotted to get money from the Taylors, who offered to raise her baby. Monica learned of Rick's marriage proposal to Lesley. Mark was chief of neurosurgery.

Rita testified that she'd been with a friend at the time of Cyrus's death, but refused to reveal his identity. Anne grew suspicious of Jacqueline's attentions to Hope and Mike. Mike scored a point when Rita confessed that all of Cyrus's inheritance was used to pay Viola's medical bills. Barbara was miffed that Adam believed in Rita's innocence.

After believing that Tom was interested in someone else, Arlene allowed herself to be wined and seduced by Ian. Andrew told Ben that someone has offfered information concerning Jim's death. Cal grew wary of Michael. Rick denied Cal's insinuations that he doesn't want any other man to win Meg.

While Megan and Desmond went off on a secret weekend, Edith and Richard accused Rhett, then Jason, of running off with their daugher. When Megan returned, Edith was appalled that the couple couldn't wait until after the wedding, but Megan admitted to Laurie that it was a platonic weekend. Austin begged Amy to stay and help him with his drinking problem.

Dorian received a tip about Kevin's whereabouts, but kept her mouth shut until she could use it to her advantage. Matt forced Dorian to talk Joe into rehiring him, but it was no go. Larry and Karen argued about her extravagant wedding plans. Vicki learned that Cathy's on the verge of total recall.

Seneca delivered Jill's premature baby in her beach house. She insisted on rushing the infant to the hospital and later started hemorrhaging. Dee's attempted suicide convinced Pat that he must stick by Dee's side and he refused Roger's offer to take care of Dee.

Bob operated on Cindy via Greg's instructions. John was found guilty of murder in the first degree. Kathy planned an appeal, and Jennifer went off the deep end. Eric decided to stay with the Phillips.

Kay was miffed that Joann enjoyed Jack's sexual favors. But all was forgiven when Joann resolved not to weaken again and the girls planned a trip to Hawaii. The charges against Snapper were dropped but the hospital board suspended him until a medical hearing is held. Peg insisted she can't sleep in the same bed as Jack.
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