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SOD Best & Worst -- 1992

Most Improved Show
Days of Our Lives

Last spring, DAYS was drowning in disaster. Shane and Kayla were struggling along, trying to repackage themselves as a romantic duo (it didn't work); Jack was talking to the ghosts of his dead dads, convinced his own number was up; Roman was masquerading as Hazel the housekeeper while trying to bring down the Torres gang, and Molly and Tanner were debating for the umpteenth time whether or not to kiss. It got so bad, the most exciting reason to watching was the hope that Ginger and Brian's dogs might mate.

These days, however, DAYS is getting into shape. Sure there's still some excess baggage to lose script-wise, but many storylines have never looked better. Bad characters are turning out to be human, and good characters are starting to play with fire. Whoever dreamed that a villian like Lawrence Alamain would turn out to be father of the year? Or that Marlena's growing closeness with John might put a dent in her shrink-in-shining-armour routine?

Split personalities are nothing new, but the emergence of Kimberly's dark side keeps us tuning in to see what troubled alternate personalities Lacey and Claire will get into. It's great to see Patsy Pease break out of the heroine mold, slip into something sleazy and go wild -- Pease has never been more exciting to watch. (Casting Richard Burgi as Kim's flame, Hollywood hotshot Phillip, was a smart move too.)

Meanwhile, Jack and Jenn are up to their old (romantic) tricks in something delightfully new -- a plot combining mystery and Mr. Mom. And while DAYS has introduced some steamy newcomers (piano man Austin and his troubled sister Billie), the show is making a special effort to get back to its roots. Beloved favorites like Bill Horton and Calliope Jones have turned up. We hear more may be on the way, and -- surprise, surprise -- not one of them is coming back from the dead.

Most Entertaining Character
Erica, AMC

What hasn't been said about Erica Kane? She's intelligent, vivacious, and willful, and she's still surprising us after more than two decades. In '92, AMC allowed actress Susan Lucci's comedic talent to shine. Erica's legendary battles with Adam Chandler were reignited when he blackmailed her into remarriage. Where hate, heat and passion go, spontaneous combustion is sure to follow. Soon Erica was pitching pricey vases at 90mph (she always had taste) and Adam was ducking and chuckling at her tempestuous antics.

Amusing as it was, this plot merely laid the groundwork for Erica's main story -- her romance with Dimitri, which showed just how far Ms. Kane has come from the selfish woman who used to pursue any man who caught her fancy. Married man Dimitri chased her and wore down her resistance. Though Erica genuinely loved him, she didn't want to be the mistress, so she called off their affair, plunging herself into running Enchantment, her cosmetics company. She took care of business and still managed to care for her ailing mother, Mona, who was diagnosed with cancer. What will Ms. Kane do next? Darned if we know, but one thing's for sure -- it won't be boring. Versatility, thy name is Erica.

Most Overexposed Character
Blair, OLTL

Blair Daimler moved to Llanview and managed to slither her way into every storyline in town. Blair works for Viki; Blair works for Dorian; Blair flirts with Asa; Blair flirts with Max. You get the drift. Blair was touted as a mystery woman, and we had to sit through months of uncovering her secret (she'd stolen her long-lost psycho mom, Addie, from the looney bin and was plotting revenge on her aunt Dorian for abusing Addie). Too bad Blair got the facts wrong, but who cared, anyway? The real mystery was why Blair was so quickly designated the star of the show. OLTL force-fed Blair and her "steamy" romance with Max (not!) to viewers without pausing to see if they were interested. They weren't. Ironically, it was a crystal-toting free spirit named Luna who stole the show.
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