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Most Boring Character
Galen, AMC

Assistant District Attorney Galen Henderson whimpered, "I shouldn't be running for office," as she cried on the shoulder of her buddy, Trevor. True words were never spoken. This bundle of nerves doesn't deserve to be dog-cather. When Galen arrived in Pine Valley, she seemed to be a woman in control. Her impressive legal skill won Terrence's racial bias case. But after her past as a battered wife was revealed, Galen's whining got tiresome. Carter Jones, her abusive husband, began stalking her, and soon she was a perpetual woman in distress. It has been difficult to summon much sympathy for Galen because she spent so much time feeling sorry for herself. Wake us when Erica is on.

Best Love Story
Harley and Mallet, GL

You don't have to follow the traditional soap formula to succees. A.C. Mallet and Harley Cooper are proof of that. Look at Harley's track record: She was the bad girl who married Alan-Michael, the Spaulding heir. They divorced. She was the young woman looking for a mature relationship with Josh. He dumped her. So she became the independent career girl who found the independent career guy, and bam! Sparks flew. Traditionally on soaps, the woman suffers a trauma and the man rescues her. Not this time. It was macho Mallet who found himself deaf and paralyzed after an accident. The result was a tender tale of two people attempting to hold it together when everything has gone haywire. It's a '90's romance. No weepy heroines and he-man rescuers. No poetry and a song of their own. No enduring nicknames like Honeybear -- except as a joke. They don't even spend all their time in bed. Sure there's chemistry, but the main thing is that Harley and Mallet have going for them is that they're believable people falling in love, complete with insecurities, mistakes, foilbles, arguments and, whenever possible, humor.

Worst Love Story
Bill and Holly, GH

What can we say about a couple who have about as much chemistry as Dan and Marilyn Quayle? After a murky start as Luke-alike Bill Eckert, Tony Geary had just his stride in a Tracy/Hepburn-style romance with Crystal Carson as Julia when Emma Samms returned as Holly. Soon, Holly's husband, Robert bit the dust, and Bill and Julia were permanently splitsville, thus beginning one of the worst soap stories of the year, The Saga of San Sebastian. We don't know much which part of this "love story" was more ridiculous. First there was the revelation that Holly had a secret twin sister, Paloma. (For the dual role, Samms was forced to don a dreadful red wig.) Then, Bill displayed a back full of horrible scars, dropping hints about what Father Martin did to him in some unnamed prison. Yet strangely, Bill later made love to Holly without so much as a scratch on that smooth skin. Bill and Holly were more fun embroiled in an art scam, tracking down the person who stole his $2.8 million Guermonet painting. But who was running The Outback, Luke and Laura? It's not just preposterous plotting. Samms and Geary are enormously likeable performers, but their characters don't click as a couple the way they did in their first go-round as Luke and Holly. Holly exhibited more sizzle in an old bathrobe with Mac than she did in a month of wet T-shirts with Bill. Bill and Julia were one of daytime's hottest, funniest couples. They weren't broken: Why did GH try to fix them?
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