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Feb 20 2010, 03:50 PM
Feb 20 2010, 01:47 PM
Now, he needs his hair cut like that again! They do make a pretty picture. I just wish I was watching when Phloe was really hot, so I knew what the hubbub was all about.
Other than when they had sex right when Chloe came back I can't recall Phloe actually being that hot together.

I liked Phloe back in the day when they were teens more because of their story at the beginning than how they looked together, although I think as jaded adults who have had screwed up lives they could be an interesting anti-sweet supercouple if only the show could write them that way and give Chloe a bit of an edge like she had as a teen before she was the opera princess.
I like the way you think.

They are first going to have to admit that Philip was married and burned once before. Didn't they even have Victor saying that this was his first marriage? How did John Aniston let that one slide? You think he'd have called them on it.

Philip, with his Belle travails and war travails, should have a lot of mature baggage going for him instead of the this insidious chasing and marrying a teenager.

Provided JKJ and NB can pull their acting chops together, I think this would be great.
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