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Viewing Single Post From: Weekly Discussion: 2/22-2/26

Feb 20 2010, 05:07 PM
I was never a Phole fan back in the day but they definitely had something special. And after what the writers have done to Philip the last two years I wouldn't say no to a Phole reunion.
I was never Phloe fan but from I remember they never had some real deep relationship. They had that classic cliché story where Phillip lost the bet and had to ask ugly Chloe to a dance only to discover she is sexy. But Chloe immediatelly started act weird, trying to play both Shawn and Phillip and soon after she met Brady who was few year older and it was clear they connect on much deeper level. Phillip was crazy into her but she wanted more than he could and was able offer. And after Phillip was forced to lie her that Victor is dead and she falsely accused him of rape the relationship went quickly downhill. Is was always written more like a spoiler to her true love, Brady Black, than some neverdying romance.
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