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WEEK OF APRIL 11 - APRIL 15, 1977

Donna rejected Phoebe's bribe to leave town. Frank had an attack while arguing with Nancy about their divorce; he was taken to the hospital, and she went to his side despite Carl's objections. Charles suspected someone from pediatrics had removed drugs and placed a doll where the medicine should have been. Chris' ghost accused her.

Angie gave Evan the brushoff and dated Ray after Alice insisted she and Ray maintain a business only relationship. Pat learned she inherited stocks taht could invalidate her divorce settlement with John. Jeff buttered up Burt and Clarice. Ted grew closer to Marianne, who blamed Molly for Mike's decision to quit college. Alice gave Mike a full-time job; Mac suggested that Willis hire Frame Enterprises as the construction company for the new museum.

Bob and Joyce were married in Washington, D.C., and returned to a stunned Hughes clan, especially Nancy. Dan swore Lisa to secrecy about his suspicions of John and decided to follow him day and night. Carol refused to make a commitment to Tom. John reassured Mary that there is no other woman. Jay was warned by Natalie not to bad-mouth her work or she'll cause big trouble for him. Susan left town to unwind.

Although she doesn't remember the details, Trish admitted to Jeri she killed Jack. Jeri testified at a hearing about the girl's early life with her stepfather. Val learned she won a scholarship to a southern college. Phyllis gave the hospital a large donation as a political ploy to get Neil the chief-of-staff job. Brooke and Mary argued about Mary's desire to work for Bob.

Dr. Brandt turned Carolee's case over to Dr. McClintock. Luke failed in an attempt to reconcile with Barney. Steve and Ann halted their honeymoon. He told the children that they now had two mothers -- Ann and Carolee. Paul, filled with guilt and booze, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Jason went to California to find Mike to testify for Matt.

A specialist was called in for an "electronic sounding" examination of Nicole's fetus. She learned that Miles doesn't live with his wife. Josephine panicked when Nancy came to visit Timmy. Saxon warned Josephine to keep her mouth shut about how the boy's fake "plea" tapes had been made. Draper's case foundered, and he accused Raven of trying to steal her own mother's husband.

Mary Ellen sneaked into Terri's room and learned she doesn't remember the accident. Terminally ill Dr. Namath pulled his own respirator plut. Tommy decided to fake an illness to reunite Tom and Audrey. Lesley and Rick decided to keep their engagement a secret.

Ed returned and was shocked to hear Roger's testimony about being in a motel room with Rita when Cyrus died. Peggy asked for a leave of absence to take Billy away from the scandal. Jackie was pleased that Emmet is growing more attracted to Sara.

Felicia hid out at Aunt Mavis', who told Eddie she didn't know where Felicia was. Mia told Ben she wants to testify at his hearing. She feels guilty that Jim's death followed an argument she instigated and feared Andrew will learn the details.

Desmond refused to accept Megan's decision to break their engagement. Everyone tried to convince Rhett not to "steal" Megan, and Ellie had a miscarriage after a confrontation with him. Josie and Les worried about Connie.

Vicki agreed to a tentative reconciliation with Joe. But the Rileys were at odds about whether to drop the charges against Cathy. Tony comforted Cathy. Karen's honeymoon was constantly interrupted by Marco. Vicki hired a 24-hour guard to protect her baby.

Jack's operation was a success. Seneca turned down Jill's and Frank's plan to live with Edmund in Washington; he also refused to rehire Roger. But Roger found Edmund's parentage report and planned to use it as blackmail. Dee confessed to Father McShane about her miscarriage but refused to tell Pat.

Liza had a temporary setback when her scarred eye hemorrhaged, while everyone tried to locate Steve. Gary and Cindy agreed to progress slowly with their relationship, and she was hired as Tory's baby sitter despite Bruce's reluctance. Jo warned John about Stephanie, who turned over all her legal affairs to him.

Correction from last week: Chris and Snapper didn't move. He opened a clinic on the outskirts of town. David asked Jill to marry him. Kay intercepted a letter from Joann, who resented Jack's insinuations. Chris learned that Ron had secretly visited Karen, but refused to allow him to take Karen out of her sight. Laurie and Brad suspected that Vanessa may have already had plastic surgery or that she's using the scars to hold on to Lance.
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