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Captain Kirk

Feb 22 2010, 01:58 AM
Feb 21 2010, 04:41 PM
LoL @ "War of the Witches."

That announcer was the best.
I hope I'm wrong but I believe that announce passed away, which is why we got the horrible one last year and now the current one, who is a slight improvement but not by much.

You will never get promos like you did ten or even 2 years ago. Judie Henniger on Twitter has been pretty open about that. I gave her hell on Twitter about the promos for months and she's said that Days is only allowed 15 second promos and she is able to do 30 second ones for special events or periods like we saw for November sweeps, Christmas, New Year's, and now this February. It seems NBC cut the promo budget big time. Not to mention they don't even show the promos except on the web site, which is probably why not much goes into them most of the time. The network doesn't bother to use them on the actual network so why bother? It's a shame because if Days got more promotion, it could be second place right now consistently. It does well enough without the promotion but it could do even better with it.

The good thing is that IMO the promos have gotten better. The 30 seconds ones are good but the 15 seconds ones have improved over the past few months. They aren't great but they are better.
The 15 second promos had nowhere to go but up as far as quality, I just think a 15 second promo is pointless.
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