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Feb 22 2010, 11:29 AM
As some of you do with the escapades and also the murderous nature of Nicole, I turn a blind eye to a lot of what Sami has done, or remember a lot of it happened while she was a teenager.

I suppose if we took a ledger and tried to list all the DR and CR sides of all of these women, only Chloe would approach sainthood, but then, what would be the point of a soap. As I have said, villains and villainess'es serve a purpose. I do not root for them, even with Sami, I always was on the edge of my seat as I knew what she did was going to bite her back, and it did. I do not like people getting away with stuff since it makes the villainy not have any impact.

I like Sami. We all look at situations differently, I heard people calling Sami a slut for the sex with Lucas while married to EJ, but as was stated, it was a marriage that was deserving of being shown for how false it was.

Just wondering, if no one wants me to change my mind, why list the sins of Sami? We like who we like, I like Sami. I have been watching her for 16 years now, and have always had this hope for her to overcome. Maybe I like underdogs.

As to why an elevator is different, it just has a slimy feel to it, I mean I use elevators daily, and I do not want to be stepping on bodily fluids or leaning up against them, or getting my hands on them if I use the railing. Sorry for the graphic nature of this, but it is what I thought when I saw Ejole and Chucas going at it. I knew what Sami meant when she said "IN AN ELEVATOR???"

I don't overlook the things Nicole did. I just find her enjoyable. I find her enjoyable while she's doing those things, lol.
Why list Sami's sins? Well, because you listed reasons you didn't like other characters and those same things applied to Sami. That's the only reason. But I was never talking about liking a character. I was talking about being friends with them. I love Nicole's character, but I don't think I'd be friends with someone like her. That's what I was trying to get at before.
And again...I still don't see the difference with the elevator. Many of the other places people have had sex on the show are places people use daily.
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