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ALL MY CHILDREN (1:00pm - 2:00pm; ABC)
Mark took a shine to Ellen, rather than Devon. Erica teamed up with Phoebe to discredit Donna, who was upset that Chuck won't get custody of little Phil because of her past. Frank told Nancy that their night together was only a fling, but their divorce was then stalled in the courts. Paul suggested that Ellen manage Kitty's boutique after Myrtle insisted she's leaving town. Paul and Ruth learned that Anne is making progress in the sanitarium.

ANOTHER WORLD (3:00pm - 4:00pm; NBC)
Ray agreed to make amends with Willis and rehire Angie to salvage a company project. Then Ray raged when he found Alice and Willis in an innocent hug. Mac fell for Vera and Iris' story that Quentin was fired because he's in love with Rachel. Gwen swore revenge when Iris intimated to Dave that Gwen is seeing Brian on the sly. Corinne's interest in Russ cooled when she learned he's divorcing Sharlene.

AS THE WORLD TURNS (1:30pm - 2:30pm; CBS)
After accepting Kevin's marriage proposal, Susan wrote him a "Dear John" letter and left town temporarily. Mary worried that she's not in Ralph's league and cooled their relationship. Jane Spencer decided to come to town after learning of her son Beau's impending marriage to Annie. Melinda searched for Jennifer but, after learning she's dead, tried to contact Kim. Lisa finally went on a trip with Grant while Joyce taunted Valerie. After Carol suggested they bring the adoption into the open, Natalie again threatened to back out.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1:30pm - 2:30pm; NBC)
Mary rebuffed Neil's advances. Phyllis learned of Mary and Neil's affair. Bob urged Mary to teach Chris better business manners. After buttering up Julie, Larry tried to convince DOug to install gambling at the club. Robert left for a vacation. David and Trish were about to be married, but she ran away at the last minute.

THE DOCTORS (2:30pm - 3:00pm; NBC)
Jason and Steve found Ann in South America, but she refused to sign the divorce papers. Eleanor suspected that Luke has forsaken her for another woman. Doreen pressured Luke to fire Nola from her job at the club. Wendy and Tom convinced Kingston that Luke is bad news for Eleanor, but Eleanor refused to listen and fired Kingston.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT (4:00pm - 4:30pm; ABC)
Inez admitted that it was Saxon who made her lie about seeing Mike kill Beau. Packy's friend Raney lured Deborah after suspecting she isn't who she pretends to be. Kevin asked Raven to marry him. Johnny considered divorcing Laurie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL (3:15pm - 4:00pm; ABC)
Terri received a subpoena to testify in Mary Ellen's sanity hearing. Peter and Jessie worried that Diana had retreated into a shell. Adam was wary that Gina might be falling for Gary's charms again.

GUIDING LIGHT (2:30pm - 3:00pm; CBS)
While Holly pressed Rita for silence about Roger being Christina's father, Roger pressed Rita to admit to Ed she knows the truth. Rita received anonymous newspaper clippings from Sweetwater, TX, about her trial. Roger admitted to Adam that he's sterile.

LOVE OF LIFE (11:30am - 11:55am; CBS)
Arlene and Ray separately plotted to knock off Ian. Cal partied with Michael and then received an apology from Rick for not confiding in her as a husband should. While Mia encouraged Ben to pursue a writing career, Lynn decided it's time fo rher to move in on Ben. He didn't show much interest in either of them.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (2:30pm - 3:15pm; ABC)
Richard reported that Dorian's company, Dorex, is responsible for polluting the river. Joe asked him to hush it up until Dorian could correct the situation, but Richard was beaten up by one of Dorian's guards. Tony recovered. Pat tried in vain to cover up that Paul has returned and is reuniting with Brian. Will learned of Brad and Lana's relationship and invited Jenny to a concert. Dorian offered to board Joe during his illness.

RYAN'S HOPE (12:30pm - 1:00pm; ABC)
Roger put the screws to Pat after the medical board issued an official reprimand against Pat, who was allowed to stay on staff but only under Roger's supervision. Jack and Mary's divorce went through, even though Jack had second thoughts after learning he'd lost all rights to Ryan. Mary learned that Tom won't ever return to Ireland because he feels responsible for someone's death. Roger played up to Dee, who fretted that Pat's getting too chummy with Faith again.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (12:30pm - 1:00pm; CBS)
Cindy connived to seduce Gary after Carolyn returned, but he brushed her off. Amy performed a preliminary autopsy that contradicted Allen's official coroner's report on Wade. At the last minute, Kathy changed her mind about the abortion.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (12:30pm - 1:00pm; CBS)
Laurie fumed that Lance spent the night comforting Leslie, who got drunk while lamenting about Brad. Cynthia joined Brad in Chicago, where he plans to undergo a dangerous operation. She pleaded with him to pretend that she's Leslie. Tom rushed to Jody's side, then called her family to tell them she's in labor and that he's going to ask her to marry him.
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