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Feb 24 2010, 06:44 AM
Feb 24 2010, 03:04 AM
dc cubs
Feb 24 2010, 01:26 AM
Days music went downhill once Marty Davich left. I know he went to GH but Corday should have done everything he could have to keep Davich.

Thanks for the YT link. Some of those tracks bring back such memories. I'm listening to the one right now for Roman's death. I can remember those scenes so clearly because up until that point I could only watch the show during the summer or on holidays. My family finally got a VCR in November, 1984 and some of the first VCR scenes I saw involved Roman's death.
It didn't go drastically downhill but it took a hit. I think it really began to lose it in late 1997. From that point to early 2007 we got all this techno and over the top junk with a few good scores in between. When Ed Scott came on, things began to improve and, even after he left, it's still improved. The music is better now then it was from 1997-early 2007 but that isn't saying much. I would still kill for Marty Davich to be back. His work on every show he's been with (Days, GH, ER) has been superb.

Roman and Marlena's theme, Roman's theme, Bo and Hope's theme and wedding theme, and Steve and Kayla's theme are just EPIC.
I totally disagree. Yes the music improved sometime after Ed Scott came on if we compare it with 2003-2006 but there is no way the music from 2007-present is better than 1997-2002, no way. And some of the music that played in late 2007-early 2008 was music from the early 2000s.

And I agree with you Jane. Many of Davich's scores are slow and boring, he did get better in the early 90s. To bad that person on youtube didn't have the full versions of Victor's Theme and Stefano's Theme. The only good scores he composed were the themes for the couples and characters. His other scores were mediocre. And I think it's funny how he on his website completely ignores the fact that he worked on DAYS and GH.

The soundtrack was released yesterday so can someone remove the "rumor" part in the title please :)
I'm not saying every score from that period was bad but there were some awful ones. I did like the stuff used in the jungle storyline and some of the emotional scores were very good. It was the sci-fi/techno shit that sucked pretty much. The Princess Gina theme was great too.

I just think there was more of a return to actual dramatic scores and a departure from the techno junk once Scott joined and continuing to this day and I'm happy about it because that stuff was so loud and annoying that sometimes it took you right out of a scene.

I will agree that Davich's best was for characters and couples as you mentioned but those were pretty much all the scores the show used (he tended to use them repeatedly, much like the show does right now) for that period in the 80's so I don't really remember any other scores that were used regularly that weren't very good. Yes, his scores were slow but they were emotional and suited dramatic, emotional scenes well.

I will agree that his stuff in the early 90's was probably his best only because he tended to actually start developing scores outside of just characters and couples. The scores also began to get more of a primetime feel to them. They had more punch and weren't so "soapy."

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