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Feb 24 2010, 07:03 PM
My biggest issue is that Days never promoted the preemption last Monday and then planned all of it's sweeps stuff to go along with the Olympics when many people either had the show shifted around on their affiliate or they didn't get to see it at all unless they watch online or on Soapnet.
NBC is desperately trying to revive its prime time and late night ratings, so it's hardly surprising that DOOL gets zero promotion. That means endless promos for "Parenthood" and Jay Leno's return to "The Tonight Show", not for their sole daytime hour.

I know that some affiliates moved DOOL since NBC mandated Olympic coverage from 3-5PM (ET+PT) and 2-4PM (CT+MT). Whatever programming was scheduled for those hours had to be moved, whether it was Oprah or Ellen or DOOL.

I haven't seen that ANY market has "lost" DOOL during this time. And frankly, what is the percentage of viewers watching "live" each day? 80%? 50%? 20%? We will never really know, but I know I haven't watched it live since my first VCR in 1985 -- even on days when I am home with nothing to do. Maybe twice in ten years -- those rare "Big Event Days" -- I'll tape from 1-2PM, then start my tape at 202PM and be done at 242PM. Usually it's more likely I will cue up the recording at 6PM or 9PM or 1AM or on the weekend when I have 4-5 episodes stockpiled. The show is repeated 3 times a day on SoapNet and is now available online from multiple sources (nbc.com, aol, youtube), so viewers can see the show in many ways not available just a few years ago.

Friday's show will probably not be counted in the official ratings. We will find out shortly how the ratings have been during the Olympics. In past years, other programming on NBC has benefited mostly because a certain percentage of folks don't change the channel on their television sets (sounds bizarre, I know). It wouldn't surprise me if DOOL experienced the same bump.
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