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Feb 25 2010, 12:28 AM
Feb 24 2010, 11:52 PM
Days is hardly watched live but how does that make a difference? If it doesn't air in your market or you have no idea in advance when it's airing, there is still a problem which means the show will suffer. That is what I'm concerned about. Soapnet doesn't matter. That doesn't count in the ratings. Online is looked at but doesn't count in the ratings. If the show is DVRed and not watched until much later, it doesn't really count until the seasonal averages I believe.

And I wouldn't expect a bump. ......the show didn't really handle the situation that good this time so I'm already accepting a bad two weeks for Days.
I do agree that NBC/CordayProductions/Sony dropped the ball on announcing their Presidents Day pre-emption. But that's how TV is run in 2010.

I recall the years and years of little 15-30 second promos that would air every July, just before the annual Wimbledon preemptions. There would usually be some witty repartee between a couple cast members breaking the fourth-wall, chuckling or horsing around that they had a few days off and they would be back the following week, but by all means to tune in and watch tennis or whatever. But that hasn't been done in years. Now, instead of that 30-second spot, that time is spent with a promo for some other program. I don't know if that's the fault of Sony or Corday or NBC (I vote NBC).

And it's not just DOOL. Nearly every primetime program that has "previews" at the end of the end of the show now simply "doesn't bother mentioning" that the show isn't on the following week. Desperate Housewives, Smallville, and Brothers+Sisters all do this. If the show isn't "new" the next week, then that 30 seconds of credits roll with some promo of some other program. Occasionally they will promote that the show "will be back with new episodes in X", but mostly it's a promotional spot for some other program, with no mention whether next week is a repeat or not show or some special programming.

As for episodes not being shown in certain markets, I think this is Urban Legend. It's being shown. Maybe at 10AM or at 12NOON or at 205AM or on the secondary digital feed that most NBC stations have. If a station was totally zapping it out of existence from their schedule, we would have seen a posting citing the station/city.

Ratings for last week come out on Friday AM (I think). NBC had a blockbuster Week One of the Vancouver Games. I suppose we will find out in 36 hours what that meant for DOOL.
I think your right but they could've easily had a little blurb on the bottom of the screen like they used to do from like 2001-2004 or even had a voiceover in the day ahead previews say "Tuesday February 16 on Days." Days did that during the Wimbledon preemption last year. It had AS do a voice over on Wednesday saying "Next week on Days." The Wimbledon preemption should be expected at this point anyway and Days always seems to suffer in the ratings during that week now so it's not as big a deal that they promote it anymore. All this needed to be promoted better because Days had a big sweeps going on. It saw major increases and jumped into 2nd in viewers and now they could piss it all away because they couldn't make a single blurb on the bottom of the screen? Dumb.

I also don't think it's an "urban legend." I've read numerous people online complaining or noting that they could not find Days on NBC or that they weren't getting it at all on NBC. People are busy now to begin with so you can't expect them to go looking for the show or to watch it some other way that they don't have time for can't do. It's just one big mess and I will pleasantly surprised if they manage to hold on to most of their gains. We'll see though.
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