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After all... tomorrow is another day!

NBC's coverage of these games has simply been atrocious. For some reason the network isn't content to let the Olympics simply be about the sports themselves but has to make everything about the personalities. And not even always about personalities who even have anything to do with this games or the athletes, but like taking 10-20 minutes out of PRIMETIME coverage to do some segment on the mounted police or sit down with Michael Phelps or time wasted showing Bob Costas broadcasting ride while riding in a prop plane over Vancouver. WTF?

The only sport they've gotten totally right is curling, which has had every single second of a US match aired live and several other non-US games shown. How fucked up is that? Curling is the only one that gets the royal treatment. Other than the tape-delayed hockey and MSNBC not being in HD, their next best sport is probably hockey for all people are mad at them for what happened today and Sunday. They still have bothered to air every game even if it's been in the CNBC ghetto most of the time.

Unfortunately with things like figure skating and bobsled and skiing, every damn second is edited and packaged to remove all spontaneity or suspense and with the sports in many instances getting short shrift in that only a handful of competitors get shown.

It's just so stupid how they went about all of this. I mean how many networks are under the NBC Universal umbrella? At least half a dozen?

They could have done so many little things to make this better, starting with letting the USA network be a full-fledged Olympic channel during the games. I mean... it's the USA network? What better branding can you get?

With things like skiing, or speed skating or bobsledding where we only get bits and pieces of the events NBC could have aired the events live on NBC and then aired the edited packages with the main competitors and Americans in the evening. Would ratings really go down for that? I mean, I've watched the Olympics every damn night the last two weeks despite the fact that I read all the spoilers of who won events before they air in primetime AND have sought out live feed streams of many of the events (typically in a foreign language) just so I can see Lindsey Vonn wipe out on the slope or the American nordic combined team medal in real time.

I used to be a huge fan of NBC's Olympics coverage and I actually really loved their coverage of Beijing where I could watch live streams on NBC's website of a ton of different random things you'd never see on TV like judo or sailing at all hours of the night, but the Vancouver Olympics coverage has just totally blown.
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