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The Royal Princess

Feb 25 2010, 02:26 AM
I was so excited for NBC's coverage, even being Canadian. I thought a) it would be cool to see awesome high-budget production, and b) see how we're being seen through their eyes! But it's been bad. I'm very disappointed in them. CTV on the other hand has blown my mind. Their coverage has been phenomenal. I've never been so impressed with them as a network.
CTV has been awesome.. It's so HARD to decide what to watch.. I was flipping between Hockey, Bobsled AND Speedskating - all of which were starting within 30 or so minute intervals.. I had to use a seperate TV from my parents because they knew I'd be flipping between the three.

NBC's coverage shocked me.. It starts at 3pm eastern (at least where I am) then goes to 5:30 or so, goes to the local news until seven. Then shows Entertainment Tonight, then resumes coverage at 8pm. At 7:30pm it's usually a recap of what has been happening.. Then it goes from 8 to 11:30, news again, then back to the Olympics at midnight And that's during the week... :shame:

With CTV, it tries to squeeze in news where it can, and they have a 30 minute one for local stuff where they can - and the national one has been edited down to 15 minutes or so. BUT if you still want the full version of the national news, you can flip over to their national news channel and get the full version. They shifted ALL their regular programing to their 'A' channel and focused 99.9% of their coverage to Olympics.. I LOVE it.. They tell you where you can catch what and when too.

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