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SOD:Dan to Mel:I'm Your Dad

Melanie learns that Daniel is her father. It starts with Melanie asking Daniel what is wrong and if she is dying. Daniel isn't sure how to tell her. He keeps quiet and confronts Carly again about why she kept mum. But, Carly does tell someone about Melanie being Daniel's daughter - Chloe.

Melanie finds out about Nathan and Stephanie's getaway. "She gets upset because she's young, I guess," says Molly. In her statement to Bo, Melanie says that Carly shot her on purpose. Everyone tries to talk her out of that, but she is saying it to get back at Carly. Then there is good news: Daniel tells her that he is her father. Melanie is very happy. "She likes Daniel so much and could have grown up with him her whole life and she didn't get to, and it's kind of heartbreaking a little bit," says Molly.

SOW:A Closer Look: Melanie

Melanie learns that Daniel is her father this week and seals Carly’s fate by telling Bo she shot her on purpose.

Melanie wakes up and Daniel is by her beside. He is looking at her weird so Melanie thinks something went wrong with her surgery and she is going to die. Daniel lets her know he is just checking in on her and everything is fine. He doesn’t say anything about being her father because Phillip interrupts.

Then Nathan finds out that Melanie has been shot. He is worried about her and goes to see her. It’s a bit uncomfortable between them, but she is happy to see him. They are having a nice moment and are about the discuss the letter that he wrote her when Stephanie arrives. Melanie realizes they just got back for a trip they took together. Molly says, “Melanie gets a little annoyed. She wishes Nathan would have told her about it and not lied to her like other people are lying to her. It’s more cherries on top of the awful sundae. I mean, what is he doing there, if he just went away with Steph?”

Bo arrives and takes Melanie’s statement about the shooting. She tells Bo that Carly shot her and to put her in jail. “She wants to punish Carly for giving her away, for not telling Melanie she is her mom or who her father is, for having to live the life she did…everything!” Bo tries to talk her out of it, but she will not listen. Melanie thinks that if Carly goes away to jail then all of her problems will go away too.

Daniel returns and tells Melanie that he’s her father. Molly says, “She absolutely believes him, and she’s happy. It’s a nice moment. This is somebody Melanie looks up to and idolizes. Plus she’s thinking, ‘Finally, somebody will hate Carly with me.’ But Daniel’s more mature than that.”

Daniel tries to make her see that Carly is not a bad person and to reconsider the statement that she gave Bo. He does get through to her. Maggie and Max do as well. “She’s impulsive and angry, but she also has a conscience that is very strong. That’s going to come into play, “ says MB.

Molly shares her thoughts on the storyline. “I’m excited and flattered they wrote this for me. It’s so appreciated. I’m getting to work with amazing people. Crystal is phenomenal. So is Shawn. Now when I see them on-set, I’m like ‘Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.’ We joke around like that. We all have an interesting, unique chemistry.”

She talks about talking with both Crystal and Shawn on twitter and that they couldn’t talk much before the big reveal because they didn’t want anyone to know.
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