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Feb 25 2010, 03:04 PM
Ugh! Please end this stupid and boring ass story! Nobody cares who the hell is that twit's father. Neither of them bring anything to this show.

Can't Vivian please get rid of these two idiots-Daniel and that twit Melanie?!!!!

Melanie is a real bitch for saying that Carly did this on purpose. Honestly, Carly is better off without that twit.
Hear hear. Honestly, I don't get why they insist Melanie is mature enough to be married, at ALL, much less to someone at a very different place in life than she is, then they turn around and have her spitefully saying her mommy shot her on purpose? And then Molly brilliantly concludes that Melanie is childishly jealous, even though she just married a man she allegedly was super hot for and who can give her all sorts of nice things, because she's young. No. fucking. shit.

Oh, and thanks for posting, Angie!
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