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Feb 25 2010, 02:00 PM
.... best thing to do would've been to preempt everything from like 9AM-5PM. Provide a half hour of local news at 5PM and then nonstop Olympics from 5:30-midnight. Then a midnight local newscast and then re-run highlights and stuff in late night. Days could've been preempted two weeks and I think this kind of schedule would've helped alot.
The affiliates would have a cow. Multiple cows. Giving up Oprah or Ellen or RachaelRay or their local news? Or those wonderful infomercials that are money right into their pockets? NBC only owns about a dozen of the nearly 200 stations. Those non-NBC-owned 180+ stations don't want the Olympics on their station 24/7. And the affiliates are powerful. NBC was making money on Jay Leno @10PM, but the affiliates demanded his return to 1135PM. In the current marketplace, affiliates have all the power. Heck, even the ABC station in Phoenix pre-empted LOST this week to show a one-hour Ford infomercial because they could make more money from Ford than by selling a few minutes of ads during ABC's highest rated scripted show.
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