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Feb 25 2010, 04:30 PM
Feb 25 2010, 02:00 PM
.... best thing to do would've been to preempt everything from like 9AM-5PM. Provide a half hour of local news at 5PM and then nonstop Olympics from 5:30-midnight. Then a midnight local newscast and then re-run highlights and stuff in late night. Days could've been preempted two weeks and I think this kind of schedule would've helped alot.
The affiliates would have a cow. Multiple cows. Giving up Oprah or Ellen or RachaelRay or their local news? Or those wonderful infomercials that are money right into their pockets? NBC only owns about a dozen of the nearly 200 stations. Those non-NBC-owned 180+ stations don't want the Olympics on their station 24/7. And the affiliates are powerful. NBC was making money on Jay Leno @10PM, but the affiliates demanded his return to 1135PM. In the current marketplace, affiliates have all the power. Heck, even the ABC station in Phoenix pre-empted LOST this week to show a one-hour Ford infomercial because they could make more money from Ford than by selling a few minutes of ads during ABC's highest rated scripted show.
Oh, I know but sometimes other things should take precedence. Then again, in the past ten years, the name of the game has become whatever makes the most money, even moreso then usual.

The schedule I proposed was merely an example. The fact is they should've handled all this better.
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