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For those of you who can't see it...

"He kidnapped his own daughter..."

We see a shot of EJ at the cabin sitting in a chair with Sydney on his lap, looking at a computer screen.

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Cut to Sami and EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion.

EJ: I will bring Sydney back.

Sami stares.

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"Now... his plot to become a hero..."

We see EJ in the living room of Sami's apartment. He lights a piece of paper on fire and drops it to the ground.

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Cut to Sami, Rafe and one of Sami's blonde-headed little brats sitting together at the Brady Pub.

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SAMI: I just don't know how to go on without her.

EJ: You don't have to, Samantha.

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"Seems to be working."

Sami turns to see EJ standing there with Sydney in his arms.

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EJ grins.

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"Days of Our Lives."
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