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After a two month maternity leave, Ari Zucker is back. Ari talks about her first scene. “The first scene was throwing some woman against the jail room wall, so that was fun.” She is loving being a mom to Isabella, but she is ready to be back. “I missed work. I love my job, and you don’t realize how difficult it is, and how hard it is. I know there’s an energy I have when I am getting ready for work, so I had to pop out of relax mode.”

She says she received a warm welcome when she returned and that it was kind of like when she came back to the show before, even though she was only gone two months this time. She also mentions loving the cake the Dirty Martini fans sent her.

Next week, Nicole gets a visit from Chloe, who lets her know that Sydney is alive and is back with Sami and EJ. Ari says that Nicole is cold and bitter again and is angry. “She has to deal with being in jail, which, on a personal level, is one of my biggest fears – I would never want to be in jail. So, she has had to become this badass in prison and is still trying to figure out how to get out.”

Nicole is also desperate to find out who kidnapped Sydney. Ari says, “What’s killing her is that she can’t remember. It’s been riding on her and she just wants to figure it out. Why can’t she remember who it is?” (next week she gets a clue!)

Ari likes that she is not having the sobbing and emotional scenes she played out while pregnant. “It’s refreshing. That was a whole year of, ‘Oh God, I hope my child doesn’t come out an emotional wreck.’”
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