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Mar 2 2010, 05:43 PM

Anna kidnapped Sydney?! It didn't make any sense at all when we first saw her holding the little girl. Them it was further revealed that EJ is behind Sydney's kidnapping. What? That was the initial reaction of a lot of people when he showed up at the door of the cottage where Anna was staying with Sydney. On further reflection, and as more back story was revealed, it began to make a little more sense. He was beyond angry that Sami had kept Grace from him and this was going to be his way of punishing her: taking her real daughter away from her, for good.

But how did EJ and Anna hook up? Good question. When we put it to Leann, she wasn't letting on. " The only indications I have are some of my dialogue, which is something like "I came to you" or "I reached out to you, EJ, when you needed help," Leann told us. "And then I understand that he reached out to me! Somehow!"

We're sure all will be revealed, eventually. But as time as passed, EJ has begun to seem more and more cruel. He plotted to break Sami and Rafe up by forcing her to lie to him about ransom notes he'd received from the "kidnapper." He made Sami doubt Rafe and his ability to bring Sydney back. He made Sami think Sydney was dead by putting her clothes in the river; he revealed the little girl was still alive by showing a video (that he then used to spy on Sami to make sure she wasn't talking to Rafe). And he constantly finagled to get back in Sami's life. Because, to paraphrase Anna, how could he be so cruel to someone he loves? Because he clearly still has feelings, strong feelings, for Sami.

We don't know exactly how Anna became involved with EJ. What about why? As Leann said, she is "only motivated by love or money. You got one or the other. Your choices are Love or money." So she's at least hoping to get a little cash out of the wealthy DiMeras. But what about Sami? She may not particularly like Sami, but does Anna feel badly about what she's putting her through? "Yeah," Leann told us, "because the other thing about Anna is, she's got a heart. She really cares. She has had children. She does feel empathy for Sami at this point, I think. And she's feeling a little guilty that she's put her through so much."

On the other hand, she has to know how much this must be killing Stefano, a man who is all about family. And that Anna might kind of enjoy, because, "of course she hates Stefano!" Leann laughed. "She always, always wants a way to dig at him, somehow. It's like poking a grizzly bear with a stick! Will he bite me? Will he bite me? I don't know; if I poke him again I feel like that's kind of the dance that I do with him. Until he smacks me down with his big paw! And I'll probably just keep doing that."

We're not sure how all of this is going to turn out, but at least it's an enjoyable dance to watch.

EJ has feelings for Sami, strong feelings, huh? Just what kind of feelings are those? Surely not love-- you don't do the things he has done to someone you love. Possession, obsession maybe, but love, not in my book.
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