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Maggie learns her myasthenia gravis is no longer in remission. Suzanne Rogers developed the condition in 1984, so the plot hits close to home. When Suzanne found out about the twist she says, “I was a little stunned, because when we did the story before, I was in the throes of it. Now, I’ve been in remission since 1995. I’m approaching it as an actress having been told her character’s going to have some kind of disease.”

With Suzanne, the disease affected her throat and face. But, the disease will affect Maggie’s limbs. Her legs and hands get weak and she falls. Suzanne is glad about that because she can separate the two.

SOW asks if the story messed with her head a bit. Suzanne says, “It did. When I was told, I went ‘Ooooh! I’m not real thrilled about this.’ I mean, I like the work, and it’s nice to have a storyline that’s informative and can help people who have the disease. But if somebody had said, ‘Would this be a story you want to do?’ it would not have been at the top of my list.”

To prepare for the story, she called the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation and asked for the latest brochures. She read through it and wanted to find out more about it affecting the limbs. She did get a little stressed, but Suzanne said she thought “Just put your personal feelings aside and deal with it as Maggie.”

Suzanne talks about the disease and that you can stay in remission for the rest of your life or it can be triggered again. What triggered it for her was going through a divorce and that DAYS had an attitude of wanting young stars at that time and she was 35. She didn’t handle the trauma in her life well. She has been in remission for years and used to go around the country to give speeches about the disease.

Daniel persuades Maggie to see a doctor about it and to tell Melanie about it. When asked when the scene between her and Melanie is like, Suzanne says, “Very warm. Melanie says she wants to be there for Maggie. She and Phillip end up moving into Maggie’s house to take care of her, although Melanie doesn’t put it like that. She says they’re doing it to get away from Victor.”

Maggie doesn’t want to have rely on Melanie and doesn’t want to hold her back. Suzanne says that she is close with Molly. “Well, Molly and I are close, and we love to work together. The other day, I hadn’t gone on-set yet, when Molly came walking upstairs. I told her, ‘I’m going to kidnap and adopt you. You can tell that to your boyfriend Casey.’ That’s how we are with each other.”
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