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Mar 4 2010, 02:57 PM
-Hope fills Melanie in on what happened on her wedding day.
We have to wait that long for Melanie to get the true story? Damn.
-Daniel threatens Vivian and tells her to leave Carly alone.
I wonder if Daniel wants to protect Carly because he forgives her or if he simply doesn't want anything to happen to the mother of his child. Either way, it's nice to see at least one person not trying to destroy her.
-Chad confesses to Gabi that he still has feelings for Mia.
Oh my God. Who cares?
-Nicole confronts Anna about Sydney.
Best spoiler I've read in weeks!
-Melanie bonds with Max and Daniel.
Can she just die already?
-Stephanie comes clean with Nathan.
I bet this is a misleading spoiler. I sincerely doubt that Nathan is going to find out about the letter this soon.

Thanks Angie!
There is an article in SOD about Stephanie and the letter. I'm sure Angie will post it but Melanie and Nathan talk and admit their feelings and Melanie tells him about the letter. Nathan realizes it's the one Stephanie had and Melanie and Stephanie have a faceoff, which leads to the talk Nathan and Stephanie must have the wk of 3/15.

I think all this sounds great. It looks like Nicole and Anna will be allying together, which leads to Anna going to the governor.

I was so happy when I read the news about JKJ in SOD. I was worried about him. he must be pretty happy with where things may be going.

Glad contract stuff is making the mags again. For awhile, we were no longer getting any of that.
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