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SOW:Nathan Learns About Melanie's Letter

A tender moment between Nathan and Melanie leads to Nathan finding out about the letter that Melanie wrote to him before she married Phillip.

Melanie accuses Nathan of being nice to her because he feels guilty about not reading the letter. Nathan is confused and doesn’t know what she is talking about. Then he thinks back to his trip with Stephanie and remembers that Stephanie had a letter from Melanie at the lodge. Mark says, “At the time, Nathan thought it was none of his business. By the end of his conversation with Melanie, he finally puts two and two together.”

When he realizes the letter was for him, his pager goes off before he gets the chance to ask her what was in it.

While Nathan is gone, Melanie realizes that Stephanie never gave him the letter and she is furious. When Stephanie stops by, she rips into her. Stephanie insists that Nathan didn’t want to hear about her and that he has moved on. She reminds Melanie that she is married to Phillp and she shouldn’t be pining after Nathan. Later on, Nathan runs into Maggie and she realizes something is amiss right away.

Nathan tells Maggie he just found out about the letter that Melanie wrote him before she got married, Maggie doesn’t know anything about it.

Nathan can only speculate that Melanie explained how she feels about him in the letter, and he second guesses his decision not the stop the wedding. “Maggie reminds Nathan that Melanie is married now – that even though this is troubling him, he has to let it go, “ says Mark. “He has to make it stop.”

Nathan listens to what Maggie has to say and tries to make himself realize that he has to give up on Melanie. However, he is still conflicted. “Married or not, feelings are feelings. Nathan’s not convinced there’s nothing he can do. And he needs to start by finding out what this letter business is about.”

Nathan heads back to the hospital to talk to Melanie, but she is sleeping. He then gets a call from Stephanie and she tells him they need to talk.

Nathan of course, realizes that Stephanie deliberately kept the letter from him. “Nathan’s not happy about that at all. Stephanie had no right doing that,” says Mark. She may lose Nathan as a result.
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