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Mar 5 2010, 06:12 PM
Mar 5 2010, 06:01 PM
Mar 5 2010, 05:38 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep
Well it said that Nicole would be completely out of Ej's orbit (not leaving Salem, I worded that wrong) and that the entire Hernandez crew would be gone from Salem...that their time in Salem was up...or something similarly worded....to me it's very clear that whomever the source of the initial spoilers was might have given an attempt to use some very general stuff and put it out there in order to gain some fans for their board....for example...I think one of the more specific ones I saw that was typed up at NBC was "Sami and EJ reunite".....I somehow think that the original poster might have left out an important word or two...like maybe, "Sami and EJ Reunite with Sydney"....get my drift....too much was made on Sony and NBC about March being a great month for Ejami as they were going to end up together....it's far fetched considering the storyline....not saying that it can't happen down the line, shit this is a soap and anything is possible but for March to be pivotal I would say is beyond strange....considering that EJ's latest fucking plan will probably not be revealed to Sami at least until May sweeps but I say they will milk the shit out of this storyline and she'll find out the truth by November sweeps.....
I agree - I don't look for EJ's role in this to be revealed to Sami until November sweeps - and they'll spend the time until then 'growing closer'. But that's just my own hopeful speculation more than anything else...definitely not a spoiler or even a rumor. :)

Be careful SocR, someone's going to go post your specs on random sites!! ;)

I saw some posts regarding this earlier today on FL and the ones that saw the post at NBC said whoever posted it had changed things around and added to the original "rumor". I don't know, I never go to NBC, so I have no idea what was posted. So it does kind of sound like the telephone game.

The only way I see Sami & EJ growing closer in March will be because Sami won't know that EJ is behind the kidnapping and having Sydney back and spending time together may rekindle some old feelings. That's kind of what I thought might happen, but who knows? I know it's all going to blow up on EJ at some point, it just depends when tptb deem it time.

Back to Dr Baker being back, even though the blurb doesn't necessarily say he'll be in Nicole's orbit, I can't see how he won't be at least initially.
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