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Mar 5 2010, 08:24 PM
I am seeing maybe rafe and Nicole will be working together to try and track the person behind the kidnapping, both have the same goal. I think by the time rafe finds out the truth about EJ being behind the kidnapping Sami would have heard it from Anna (her guilt will make her confess). Then of course Sami will have a massive fit, the outcome of all this who knows, there are many possibilities; Sami could come to forgive EJ(after all is said and done), reason the deep wound from Sami's lie never healed and made EJ act out this way and this time she will stand by the father of her kids and work things out. She could take her kids and leave. These are just two, there are many i am sure. I just hope the writers do justice to this story and not rush it leaving huge holes and more questions than answers. I think it will all play out in late April right into May sweeps they will milk it as much they can but they also have other stories that they want to cover... Is it just me but don't you guys get the feeling that the last two weeks they seem to be rushing everything throwing everything in, it almost feels like they are working up against a big deadline?????
Yes I do think they are rushing the storyline to an end---funny to say they are RUSHING since we have been waiting so long--but it's just like BOOM here's Sydney-now lets move on. Nicole is getting out of prison, I assume this month (?) since Stuart D. said his first scene is March 19th and he is doing 5 shows, one of which he decides to free Nicole.. Things will heat back up then. I hope she remembers Anna's voice, blackmails Anna to make Anna get her out of jail--then I hope Anna decides to sing like a songbird to Rafe. Rafe needs to bring down ej--and I seriously don't think he will stop till he does--and I doubt it takes him till November.
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