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Guiding Light Vet Marcy Rylan Joins Y&R
by Michael Logan March 06, 2010 09:36 AM EST

Heads continue to roll at The Young and the Restless. Yesterday it was announced that the CBS soap had fired Vail Bloom as D.A. Heather Stevens and replaced her with former All My Children star Eden Riegel. Now comes word that Hayley Erin is out as teenager Abby Carlton. The character – to be aged a decade – will next be played by Marcy Rylan, a sensation as Guiding Light’s Lizzie Spaulding. This is the third high-profile replacement casting at Y&R in recent weeks—the soap also axed William Russ as Tucker and gave the role to ex-Days of Our Lives heavyweight Stephen Nicholsm Russ as Tucker. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Rylan to get the scoop on her new gig in Genoa City.

Cool news! You just had your first baby. Now this! Were you ready to get back to work so soon—and on another soap?

Like 48 hours after we were done shooting GL last August, I moved to LA on the very last day I was allowed to fly because of my pregnancy. My son Jackson was born October 21 and then I took three months off before I started auditioning again. I definitely wanted to get back to work while people still know who I am and still care! [Laughs]

How did this Y&R thing happen?

I went in to meet with [executive producer-head writer] Maria Bell—who is just awesome—but I thought I was just having a general meeting. I didn’t realize there was a part to discuss, so it was a huge surprise when she brought it up. I couldn’t believe it! I went out to the parking lot and I’m like, “Oh, my God, I think I’m going to be on Y&R!” In my mind, this was always the soap I wanted to be on. Every time I would judge the Emmys, Y&R always had the best actors. Uh…after GL of course! [Laughs]

When do you hit the air?

I start taping the week of April 5, then I’m on air sometime around May 10. The character won’t be on the show for a few weeks. Age wise, she’ll go from being a 15-year-old to early to mid-20s. They really raved about Hayley Erin—I’ve watched her and she’s so gorgeous and talented—but it got to a point where there was only so much story to write for a teenager. I think a whole new world is going to open up for this character.

Are you ready to be Victor Newman’s spawn?

I can’t even think about it! I don’t even know how I’m going to introduce myself to Eric Braeden, I’m that nervous!

Well, this isn’t the first time you’ve been related to a bad-ass.

That’s true. I was around Alan Spaulding [Ron Raines] on GL all the time, and Phillip Spaulding [Grant Alexander] was my father. I’m used to these powerful, bold men, you know? So that should help me from being completely terrified with Victor.

Actually, maybe Victor’s the one who should be worried.

Yes, I’m sure he’s freaked-out already! [Laughs] He’s amazing. And so is Eileen Davidson [Ashley], who’ll be my mom. She’s so beautiful. And I’m coming from working with Beth Chamberlain [Beth] as my mom on GL. Dude, I’ve got really hot moms!

Are you hip to Abby’s bizarre history?

That she’s the product of Victor Newman’s stolen sperm? Yes! And that his sperm was stolen by my mother! [Laughs] I can’t even believe I’m saying that out loud. It’s so wild!

That’s gotta send a kid to therapy.

I hope so! I like playing ‘em demented. They haven’t told me much, but I think this is going to be a very rebellious time for Abby. I’m over-the-moon excited!

Source: TV Guide Magazine
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