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There are so many issues with their younger set, Daisy not being Noah/Eden's age wouldnt be the least of their problems.

Ryder certainly isnt in high school. And they havent played him as such. But he's Daisy's twin? And Daisy is at walnut grove? Even though she looks like she's much older when next to Eden. The only way that mess has worked out for me is to pretend Daisy is staying in COLLEGE dorms. And that would have been a better fit for Abby to befriend someone college aged during her rebellion. Plus - its pretty pathetic if Jana, art thieving terrorist or whatever, is getting beat up by a high school girl.

They really need to sort out Noah and Eden. Do these actors want to be on contract, yes or no. If no, then its time to replace them. As good as Kevin Schmidt is as Noah, his constant coming and going to do other projects is killing the character.
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