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Viewing Single Post From: Marcy Rylan Joins Y&R as Abby Recast

Mar 6 2010, 03:37 PM
Good LAWD! I didn't comment on the Heather recast because while I can understand why some don't like it, it is what it is. But this is pure f*ckery! How in the world are they gonna explain why Abby is now mid-20s which is Adam's age and now a few years younger than Nick and Victoria! So are they gonna now make Nick, Sharon and Victoria 40-something and age Noah too? And are Summer, Reed and Fen gonna now be teenagers? This shit is ridiculous!
How old does that make Nikki? Christ. This is just fucked up. I've always thought they fucked up Nick and Victoria's SORAS (particularly Nick!), as it seems to affect timelines now. They are simply too old to be Nikki's kids, with the shows history etc. It's just retarded, and clearly they haven't learned from that.
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