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Viewing Single Post From: Marcy Rylan Joins Y&R as Abby Recast
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Mar 6 2010, 06:20 PM
WTF? I don't even know WHO this chick is, so I Google'd her and found out she's nearly 30 years old! Holy shit! The current Abby is played by a 15 year old, isn't she?

This is RIDICULOUS. There is NO NEED to age Abby, particularly as they aged Adam more than he needed to be (why couldn't he come back as late teens to early 20s?). Further, it's even more absurd as Ashley will still be reeling over this baby story, if I have my timelines right - I haven't watched this show in forever, with the exception of reading articles on here now and then. So Ashley's going to be complaining about losing her baby to her now near 30 year old daughter? Even if she's 25, that's pushing it. I can buy Ashley having a 15 year old and supposed baby.

Why not recast Victoria? What's the big deal?! Does Heinle have some sort of inside connection no one knows about?

Y&R is in the hole.
She must be their crack hook-up because these fools are smoking that good shit if they think this is a good idea!
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