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(Note, these are clearly from the perspective of a Peter fan, but I thought it best to post the whole thing to avoid confusion. It is legitimate.)


Hello everyone -

I rarely do this, but Kelly Moneymaker Peter's wife has asked me to pass along this message from him, so please read and share it so that fans are aware. Thank you.


Kelly and I have heard from concerned fans that there seems to be an NBC newsletter circulating stating or implicating that I have asked for time off from the show. Please be aware that this is not true. I am off for a month or so, because I was in danger of going over the limit of episodes listed in my contract. They did not wish to pay me for doing extra shows, so Bo was sent out of town for a month in order for him to remain, I am told, present and center when I return.

However, the show is in negociations right now with the network, so the deal is pretty simple: if you want Bo around and don't like having him be away, write to the people in charge and let it be known, for that is always useful. What is not useful, however, is trying to sabotage a storyline the writers have planned for us actors... There's apparently another rumour circulating, stating I have said in a recent personal appearance in Canada, that I do not enjoy working with Crystal Chappel (Carly). That is not I repeat NOT true.

I have never said that and this was probably just made up by people who are not happy about the Bo and Carly story. Again, if you favor one pairing more than the other, please write to the show in masses and let your opinions about the storylines known. That is the way to do it. Starting fake rumours about me is not. I much enjoy working with both Kristian and Crystal and besides, actors have no say in what the writers have planned for their characters.

So wether you like the story or not, the important thing is to keep writing to the show, because interest in the story wether it is positive or negative is what will insure we stay on-screen in the end. Thanks for passing this along to others, I appreciate it.


Well, I checked back with Peter and Kelly yesterday after forwarding their letter and I got good news and bad news for Bope fans this morning. It seems as I suspected, one should never take producers word seriously.

Peter is presently off from the show throughout the month of february and has just been informed he won't be working in march either! So get to your letter writing, fans.

The good news is that Kristian has renewed her contract just last week and is working her tail off right now. So the plan seems to be they want to use Peter and Kristian, just not together.

Sorry for my repeated interventions about this, I usually am told to keep those things for myself, but right now I am told I can share so the fans know being heard is of the essence for our two favorites.

ETA: SOD has just posted the first of the above quotes. http://soapoperadigest.com/news/breaking .
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