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I can understand the concerns because of what's happened with others but given Bo is in major story right now and you know they need him around for either Hope or Carly, I don't see him going.

Lucas was a character heavily dependent on Sami for the longest time. The minute that cord was cut and we got EJami/Safe that was it. Steve was part of a botched return with Kayla. Again, not saying that I don't get why people are concerned but the circumstances are far different.

Who is this person anyway? Is the person who posted this a fan club president? That is what I mean. For all we know, they are stirring the pot for an agenda. This person also mentions KA resigning. I can't see KA resigning and PR going. No way. KA's place on the canvas is far more precarious then PR's. Given her story hasn't started yet but she's still been far less active then PR.

If PR wanted to say something, he could go the mags. I don't think he would use someone on a message board to speak for him on rumors and the situation. That to me is fishy. He's always been one to talk with the mags alot. Also, Kenny posted a tweet from CC when the PR stuff was first reported and she indicated there was far more to it then that. Now, some may say that could mean this is like BD or SN or even DH but CC didn't seem to indicate that PR was in any danger of being axed. She seemed to be indicating something else, perhaps something story-related.
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