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Please link to DR.

Nicole remembers that Anna is the one that kidnapped Sydney and she uses it to her advantage.

While in her jail cell, Nicole keeps thinking about Anna and wondering why she would take Sydney. AZ says, “She is not putting two and two together and realizing that EJ is involved and then just thinks, ‘Who cares why she took her? She took her.’” Nicole then calls Anna and summons her to jail. Anna tries to deny that she had anything to do with Sydney’s disappearance, but Nicole doesn’t believe her. Nicole says “Well, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t an issue.” Nicole catches her. Anna doesn’t admit it, but it’s obvious that it is true.

Nicole then comes up with a plan. Ari says, “Nicole remembers that Anna got all googly-eyed about the governor because he was an ex-boyfriend of hers. She says, ‘In order for me to keep my mouth shut, you have to get me a pardon.’” Anna asks how she can do that and Nicole tells her that she has 24 hours to get her out or else she will be in jail too. Anna realizes that she is screwed either way, so she goes to the governor.

Look out Arianna!
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