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Mar 9 2010, 02:38 PM
Mar 9 2010, 02:33 PM
Mar 9 2010, 02:30 PM
IMO, it wasn't EJ, but it was being in a relationship. This show has yet to let a young woman keep her edge and a man. Ejole did Nicole no favors, and I really dread seeing what her next relationship will do to the character.
I could agree with this, even though I still think the character of EJ doesn't work in a relationship with the character of Nicole. And for some reason, the show didn't want to have Nicole keep her edge when she was with EJ. From the very beginning, the thing that made her Nicole was missing once she was paired with EJ. She didn't have that fire she had when she was with Lucas, Victor, Austin, Colin and even Brady. I don't count Eric in there because Nicole was in no way shape or form the character she is now when she was in a relationship with Eric.
I think the difference with the other relationships (except Austin I missed that one and can't comment) is that they were shams from the beginning. Nicole wasn't in it for the love, like she supposedly was with EJ. I think I could've enjoyed ejole if Nicole hadn't suddenly went baby crazy when she got pregnant, like a typical soap woman (since when did she long for a baby?) and become so submissive to EJ. I didn't see the chemistry either, but if ejole had sparred more, it would've been more fun to watch.
Long for a baby, I don't know. But she had mentioned at least once with Victor and once with Austin that she wanted one.
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