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Mar 9 2010, 04:50 PM
Mar 8 2010, 09:58 PM
Samantha Dimera
Mar 8 2010, 09:34 PM

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Totally agree with you Samantha Dimera!!! That her and his feelings will be surfacing soon!!Remember Sami doesn't know how EJ really feels for her (it is apparent to us the viewers cause Anna, Stefano, Nicole all have called him on it)!! Sami thinks that EJ has moved on with his life and has forgiven her for not telling him about their daughter and that is it and she is moving on with her life..... But once she realizes that EJ has feelings for her and wants her back, watch out Rafe cause Sami will do a U turn right back EJ!!!!!
What feelings? You mean that when Sami realizes that EJ has feelings for her, then she will just forget about the man she is in love with and has been in love with for a year now and go running to EJ? Are we supposed to believe that she has just been waiting around all this time for EJ to come around and admit he loves her? I am sorry, but I don't buy it. I haven't seen any hint of feelings for him at all.
I didn't say that she's been "waiting around for him" that's absurd-you can see that she loved Rafe on some level-though I still believe it's just gratitude for all the things he's done for her translated into love but nevertheless(I can't believe that's one word). I think it'll hit Sami that one day as she and EJ grow closer- in the interview w/James in SOD or SOW he said that he would break Sami's heart- so it implies that he would make Sami fall in love with him. I think she's going to fall for him because that's EJ's plan-but he'll be too far gone to follow through w/the plan and soon it will blow up in his face but EJami will be in love and they won't simply forget that love when Sami kicks his ass. Still workin' on where Rafe fits in cause' he aint' leavin' for a while...

I do love though on a sidenote that Anna, Nicole, Stefano Arianna, Lexie and whomever are saying-some more than once or twice- that either EJ is in love with Sami and Sami is in love with him. A lot of characters have been acknowledging that And Anna's been doing it a lot lately. :cheer: Why would they have had these characters acknowledge this? I don't everything plot-driven? Unless they plan on breaking EJ's heart after he's already breaking him over and over by all the lies and deceit and turning him into...this! I'm loving this new 2007-EJami spin on things after that article-that's what I'm expecting, hoping the writing matches that fucktastic-ness though.
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