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Anna is heading out of town this week when Nicole summons her back to Salem and announces that she knows Anna took Sydney.

Nicole finally remembers that Anna is the kidnapper and calls her while she is headed to Costa Rica. Leann says, “Anna’s stunned and surprised and more than a little bit worried.” Her first thoughts are, ‘Is Nicole out of jail and does she remember anything?’ Anna plays it cool. She’s not going to give anything away. She’s not going to give up without a fight.” Anna does not want to go to jail and she knows that what she has done is something that can be construed as completely illegal.

Anna obliges when Nicole summons her to the jail because Nicole implies that she knows something. At the prison, Nicole accuses her of stealing her baby. Leann says, “Anna is dumbfounded and appalled. She denies, denies, denies. She wants to leave town with her good name intact. She’s not giving away any information if she doesn’t have to.”

Yet, Anna does realize the jig is up and she asks Nicole what she wants. Nicole wants Anna to use her friendship with the governor to get her out of jail. “Anna can’t believe that Nicole would suggest anything like that,” says Leann. “She and the governor didn’t have that kind of relationship. How is she supposed to do such a thing? It’s impossible.” Nicole tells her she better do it, or she will turn her in.

Anna crashes a fund-raiser at Victor’s mansion to approach Governor Ford. Anna works her way into the house and past Victor. She approaches the governor and flirts with him. “He is not above humoring her. He listens to what Anna has to say, “says Leann.

Finally, she works up the courage to ask for a pardon for Nicole. The governor doesn’t react well. He says No. Leann says, “Anna stands there with egg on her face, thinking, ‘What am I going to do now?’ She’s not going to give up that easy. She’ll think of something.”

When asked if she is sticking around for a while, Leann says, “I’m here through March and into April. Then I’m gone for a little bit. That’s all I know.”

She talks about Thaao and going out to dinner with him for her birthday. As for him coming back as Tony, she says, “I just don’t know. Truly, I don’t know anything. But I really think anything can happen. It is a soap opera!”
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