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Argh, you people and these clips from 97 are making me want to spend the time I use watching the current episodes tracking down and rewatching the switch and the killing pool. It went on forever, and was really campy, but I think that's still my favorite storyline. Laura slapping "Kristen" and sending her fake teeth flying, the Kristen/Marlena fight, Laura showing up at Kristen's funeral in that red dress, the identical quadruplets. That story was crazy.

I agree about bringing Peter and Kristen back, or at least explaining what happened to them. Stefano wouldn't let his son rot in prison, or his daughter stay trapped in that harem all this time.

Was Susan Banks 100% right in the head or is it just the accent that makes her sound like that?
Susan was a little slow. For example, she truly thought little EJ was Elvis Presley's child, just because Stefano dressed up as an Elvis impersonator when he was conceived. Before that, she carried a doll around, and took care of it like a baby.
Who was Laura that John apologised to not listening to in the first clip?
Laura Horton is Mike and Jennifer's mom, and Marlena's best friend.

And what did happen to Kristen after this? Did she stay on the show?

She stayed on the show for a short while, by faking her death, having Susan kidnapped and impersonating her, so she could get her hands on EJ (it was a Nicole kind of thing - they'd bonded and she didn't want to give him back). Anyway, long story short, she was found out, and Susan somehow managed to escape from where she was being held, imprison Kristen there, and went into hiding with little EJ. IIRC, as far as the audience knows, Kristen's still a captive, but since Stefano somehow found Susan and took EJ back, we can assume he rescued his daughter. The people of Salem still think she's dead.

EJ's story with Sami and Nicole are so similar to the first story that it's a shame that none of the original players, except Stefano were around for it. It could've been used to give him so many layers, and made for an interesting internal struggle, knowing his mom did what Sami did (trying to hide the baby), and that the only reason he was born was because his sister found herself in Nicole's situation.
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