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Mar 13 2010, 08:30 AM
Was Susan Banks 100% right in the head or is it just the accent that makes her sound like that?

Who was Laura that John apologised to not listening to in the first clip?

And what did happen to Kristen after this? Did she stay on the show?
Susan was a little kooky, but not psycho-bitch kooky. More like "short bus" kooky.

Laura was Laura Horton, mother of Jennifer and Mike. She was one of Marlena's closest friends and one of Kate's biggest enemies. When Kristen was presumed dead in 1998, everyone believed Laura was the one who drowned her. Here's a clip of her in action with Eileen Davidson/Kristen. (By the way, the reason she's acting so loopy is because Kristen drugged her drink, LoL.)

Kristen was presumed dead after one of her lookalikes (Penelope Kent) drowned in a pool behind the Blake house. Unbeknownst to everyone in Salem, Kristen was actually alive and planning to flee Salem with baby EJ after trying to kill Marlena with poisoned chocolates. At the last minute, Susan foiled her plan and Kristen was sent to some slave whore house in the Caribbean where she was locked in a dungeon. Here's a clip of her final scene where she realizes her fate and descends into madness. (It starts at 8:00)


Kristen was sort of a Nicole-esque character. She fell in love with John Black, got pregnant with his baby, then suffered a miscarriage after an explosion in Paris and that's when her world fell apart. She faked a pregnancy, stole a baby, locked Marlena in a secret room when she learned the truth, tried to have Laura committed, helped Stefano try to kidnap Marlena and take her to his island, blackmailed Vivian and Nurse Lynn, faked her brother Peter's death and helped frame Jack for his murder, faked her own death, tried to kill Marlena on multiple occasions, attempted suicide at John and Marlena's engagement party. She even brought a presumed dead Roman Brady back on John and Marlena's wedding day to keep the ceremony from happening. She was a crazy bitch and I loved her.
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