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Mar 14 2010, 02:15 AM
And, seriously, having him propose again for no reason after he got rejected two episodes earlier? What made him propose again? And, why at the JAVA FUCKING CAFE?! That's a red flag. If I were a woman, I would tell the guy that proposed to me in some cheap ass coffeehouse to take a flying leap off a bridge. Who could've thought that was a good idea? Can't use the budget for that one. Days has a pier and park set. Use one of them instead of having him propose to her at a fucking coffeehouse. Morons.

This leads me to the biggest issue I have going forward. There is no conflict for Sami and Rafe. None. Rafe's past got dropped. This whole ransom thing is a nothing for them and it's only lingering because Sami is a moron. There needs to be something. Yes, EJ will likely stick himself between them but what happens after that? Everything is just too perfect. They need to focus a bit on internal issues with them. Push Rafe choosing his work over her. Bring back some of his past issues. Something! This is why I want EJ away from them unless they go about it from a Stefano/Marlena like standpoint. It's just time to move on and, if they are going to keep Rafe and Sami in the "perfect" bubble then they need a more viable threat that isn't a bad guy. This is where I would bring back a Lucas or Brandon. Two guys who know Sami. Two flawed but good guys. Imagine how torn Sami would be. That is a triangle. That would make things interesting for me. Send EJ to Arianna. JS shows more life in his scenes with LH then he has in weeks. To me, he knows the characters needs to move on so move him on.

i agree with all this. the brady/arianna stuff just seemed like a waste. what was the point of having arianna say no to brady if they're just going to get engaged a day later? i figured that the logical progression would be that arianna refuses brady, then regrets her decision when nicole returns to salem. color me confused on this one.

you hit the nail on the head with the sami/rafe stuff. don't get me wrong, it's nice to see sami interacting with a mature adult, but there's nothing here conflict-wise. rafe's past storyline never should have dropped, especially since huge hints were dropped that arianna's previous drug bust was related to what was going on with emily. they could have crafted something worthwhile out of the bits and pieces we got, i think. i'm curious as to why it got dropped at all.
i also agree that ej needs a different storyline outside of sami. i'd hate to see him get sucked into the same black hole 'your role on the show is dependent on who sami is fucking' situation that datillo did.
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